Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis

Swiss tennis player of the Czech-Hungarian origin
I've exceeded my own expectations and am happy to be playing good tennis once again. I've got a couple of things I have to work on and I'll go where this takes me.More Martina Hingis quotes [03/18/2006 12:03:00]
I don't think I have anything to prove. What I do want to do, though, is prove to myself I can still challenge the girls.More Martina Hingis quotes [03/18/2006 12:03:00]
Looking at the draw, I kind of prefer playing someone like tonight where I know who I'm facing on the other side.More Martina Hingis quotes [03/18/2006 12:03:00]
If I play the tennis I played three years ago I would not survive. I know that.More Martina Hingis quotes [03/18/2006 12:03:00]
I don't think it's a low point being in the finals of the French Open, three points away from the victory.More Martina Hingis quotes [08/27/2011 05:08:49]

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