Sabir Omurov

Sabir Omurov

Love is love in another man of whom I would like to become.More Sabir Omurov quotes [12/03/2011 12:12:03]
Uh, energy of addicts on dose searches, yes in electricity cables!More Sabir Omurov quotes [12/11/2012 12:12:49]
Naive and aimlessly living persons rely only on will of the first comer of the adventurer.More Sabir Omurov quotes [12/11/2012 12:12:27]
I am looking for a scapegoat. Absolution and admiration for guarantee. Signature: a conscience.More Sabir Omurov quotes [12/09/2012 12:12:28]
The woman is not so important to society as his perception of her physical appearance and clothing.More Sabir Omurov quotes [12/09/2012 12:12:14]

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