Leonid Suhorukov

Leonid Suhorukov

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Humour hits the bullís eye; satire goes for the throat. Leonid S. Sukhorukov More Leonid Suhorukov quotes [10/13/2011 09:10:19]
The overworked are always underpaid by the overpaid underemployed. Leonid S. Sukhorukov BUREAUCRACY, EMPLOYMENT, SALARY More Leonid Suhorukov quotes [10/13/2011 09:10:24]
Light travels faster than sound, but sound is still louder. Leonid S. Sukhorukov More Leonid Suhorukov quotes [10/13/2011 09:10:58]
Good health makes the worst weather to be the loveliest. Leonid S. Sukhorukov More Leonid Suhorukov quotes [10/13/2011 09:10:59]
When you teach a man you teach a person - when you teach a woman you learn a lesson. Leonid S. SukhorukovMore Leonid Suhorukov quotes [10/13/2011 09:10:24]

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