Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

I'm not the discoverer of the observation that sons, devoid of maternal love, often try to compensate for this deficit by becoming Don Juanes, while daughters who had not enough of their father's love are drawn to men of the age of their fathers.More Prince Alexander quotes [04/21/2018 03:04:59]
Love is always built on freedom - otherwise sooner or later it will turn into fetters.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/17/2017 07:11:50]
If you have no obvious enemies, then your enemies are hiding among your friends.
If you have no friends, then search for your enemy within yourself.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/28/2016 04:06:54]
If there is no favorable wind, in life as well as in sailing, the goal must be tacked up.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/02/2017 02:11:27]
Women when talking with men should tell them Miranda warning - as at the arrest the police says: "Everything you say can be used against you."More Prince Alexander quotes [10/27/2017 10:10:13]

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