Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Everybody has their own path in life, but not everyone is on the road to happiness.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/03/2016 07:07:22]
Having surpassed all others, geniuses have only one challenge - to surpass themselves.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/12/2016 02:06:11]
Poet and woman - both catch attention with the miser's greed.
But do not really want to strip.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/24/2016 09:11:49]
There's nothing more pointless than the efforts of a parrot, repeating cuckoo.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/25/2016 01:07:12]
The world is full with novelty, but only one will always stay in fashion,
There is no greater wonder one could find on Earth, than wonder of love passion.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/04/2016 04:07:49]

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