Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Previously the emptiness of thought was camouflaged by the wordiness but now it is excused by the SMS' number of characters limitation.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/15/2017 01:07:02]
In life, as in the theater, there are always more actors than roles.More Prince Alexander quotes [02/05/2018 07:02:50]
The poor hasn't and the rich man has,
But makes them equal all-embracing death.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/03/2019 11:06:45]
Perhaps the power of the Death is one and only force, which cuts
The chain, that yet connects for life two loving parted hearts.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/26/2016 06:11:49]
There are people who, from the very moment of their birth, are destined to belong to the "lost generation".More Prince Alexander quotes [03/25/2018 10:03:59]

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