Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

A poet is simply a good translator from the muffled and mute, but incredibly deep in its emotionality, language of the senses in a coarse and limited in its essence, language of words.More Prince Alexander quotes [12/26/2017 07:12:47]
Even a woodpecker wants to be listened to.More Prince Alexander quotes [10/27/2017 03:10:52]
In order to be a good person, one must be able to share joy.
In order to be a lyric poet, one must be able to share pain.More Prince Alexander quotes [01/16/2018 11:01:31]
Like rivers flow into ocean
Time doesn't stop its steady motion.
And only Love without caution
Survives the time through its Devotion.More Prince Alexander quotes [09/05/2016 09:09:15]
Everybody has their own path in life, but not everyone is on the road to happiness.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/03/2016 07:07:22]

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