Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Perhaps the power of the Death is one and only force, which cuts
The chain, that yet connects for life two loving parted hearts.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/26/2016 06:11:49]
Immortal Prince keeps coming back to make us look in depth:
What's better choice - to take the life "as is" or challenge it by death?More Prince Alexander quotes [06/25/2017 07:06:34]
If you have no obvious enemies, then your enemies are hiding among your friends.
If you have no friends, then search for your enemy within yourself.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/28/2016 04:06:54]
On the body of a woman there are two pairs of gentle lips,
and the choice of what to cherish first has even monogamous man.More Prince Alexander quotes [12/09/2017 10:12:23]
The Humankind, not finding in the cynical reality of life hope motivation,
Returned to a belief in miracles, sinking its soul in childhood tales for consolation.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/03/2016 09:07:55]

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