Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Princess exists for care, love and marriage.
But earthly prince hardly could adore her all his life.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/16/2016 11:07:05]
No matter how well one's stupidity is dressed up, it always finds the occasion to expose itself.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/02/2016 03:07:39]
Instead of living for today, first we wait for the future, and then we live by the past.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/25/2016 05:06:43]
So cruel, ignorant, barbaric we still are - at large, as Human Race,
While progress strides its winding roads in slow, painful pace.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/07/2016 12:11:23]
For millennia, life has been steadily continuing to play the same scenarios from the genre of "Human Comedy."More Prince Alexander quotes [03/06/2018 09:03:04]

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