Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

There's nothing more pointless than the efforts of a parrot, repeating cuckoo.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/25/2016 01:07:12]
Wisdom is the vision of depth in what lies on the surface.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/12/2016 12:06:18]
There are such poems, when reading them, it becomes a pity that they are written by others..
It's no less bitter than realizing that the woman you love loves another.More Prince Alexander quotes [01/16/2018 11:01:01]
Depression is a state where the only subtle thread that connects a person to life is the absence of a strong firm rope.More Prince Alexander quotes [03/12/2018 09:03:07]
Categoricity in judgment is a sign of narrow-mindedness.More Prince Alexander quotes [07/20/2016 07:07:57]

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