Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Unlike other competitions, in a game called Love, silver and bronze medals are not awarded ...More Prince Alexander quotes [02/17/2018 09:02:39]
The philosophical principle of "Negation of negation" is also true at the generational family level.More Prince Alexander quotes [11/12/2017 04:11:01]
There are no such a shocks and struts suspension system that would protect us from the bumps of life.More Prince Alexander quotes [02/05/2018 07:02:01]
It's better to watch the most stupid soap opera than to think about own life.More Prince Alexander quotes [10/27/2017 12:10:46]
Instead of living for today, first we wait for the future, and then we live by the past.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/25/2016 05:06:43]

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