Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander

Who needs bread, when there is so much of cake fight in political circus.More Prince Alexander quotes [05/28/2016 04:05:35]
Life only once we are destined to live.
Love, big as life, in it may not to happen.
But poet dwells in magic country, made of dreams,
Where he can find the reason to be happy.More Prince Alexander quotes [09/26/2016 03:09:56]
If money would indeed grow on trees then we would not need to worry about saving forests.More Prince Alexander quotes [06/30/2016 01:06:09]
There are no such a shocks and struts suspension system that would protect us from the bumps of life.More Prince Alexander quotes [02/05/2018 07:02:01]
The law of time movement is true in the theatrical make-up room, as well as in make-up life: you can get old, but you can not rejuvenate.More Prince Alexander quotes [02/14/2018 10:02:42]

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