Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich

Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich

In love, as with a car: no matter how much the creek you have to pull first.More Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich quotes [09/08/2016 11:09:34]
If a woman knows what she wants, make sure: is she a woman?More Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich quotes [09/11/2016 12:09:02]
To get the morning coffee into bed, some women are forced to stay with a man for the night.More Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich quotes [04/04/2018 09:04:39]
On the Internet, sit those who do not have perseverance to wait for advertising on TV.More Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich quotes [09/09/2016 09:09:13]
In life, everything is simple: either you're smart or you're happy.More Vladimir Olishevsky-Villich quotes [08/08/2016 09:08:28]

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