Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994]

Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994]

Arliss Lipnicki: Where'd you get all them ice creams from, anyhow?
Billy Lipnicki: A big airplane just dropped 'em outta tha sky!
Ebb Lipnicki: If you don't honest up, Billy, we're gonna scrub you down with lipstick so everyone thinks you got diaper rash, how 'bout it?
Billy Lipnicki: Nuh-uh!
Leo Lipnicki: Yes-huh! And after that, we're gonna shave your head bald as a witch's tit!
Billy Lipnicki: I ain't gonna look like no witch's tit!
Leo Lipnicki: Yes you will if you don't hurry up and tell us.
Billy Lipnicki: Well you can cut off every hair on my head, but I ain't tellin' you ding-diddly-ding-diddly-ding-dang-dong!More Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994] quotes [11/26/2005 12:11:00]
Stu: For what? To get our hopes up? To promise us we was gunna have a big house with a tire swing, vanity, and a picket fence, and then just leave, again? What the hell kinda loused up angel is that?
Lois: Don't you know nothing would have kept him from you. He's just gone home.
Stu: We're his home ma. The stupid lord can have him later. Why? Why does he have to take evrything, bad enough our home and all our things. Why'd he have take my daddy? What did I do so wrong that he had to take my daddy?
Lois: Oh no honey.
Stu: He could've taken anyone Charles Manson super old people that already been rotten a hundred years. My daddy was only 34 years old.(looking up) I needed him more than you God, I needed him more.More Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994] quotes [11/26/2005 12:11:00]
Lidia: Anyone of you bring any money?
Elvadine: All I got's 10 cent.More Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994] quotes [11/26/2005 12:11:00]
Stephen: Boy, sometimes all it takes is a split second for you to do something you'll regret the whole rest of your life.More Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994] quotes [11/26/2005 12:11:00]
Elvadine: Alright, I'll tell you. I was sayin' "Elvadine, what's YOU gots to write about? Been in the sixth grade your whole good-for-nuthin' life. Ain't GOT no daddy. Never goes anywhere but where your feets take you. Onliest money that ever belong to you in the whole world was twenty dollars you gots yourself in a birthday card, from your uncle last year." But it really wasn't for my birthday. Really, it was for layin' over his lap and letting him spank me with my underpants down. And now here you come along, shovin' me in the back of the room, where I can't even see too good, which means I'm prob'ly not gonna graduate this summer neither, Just 'cuz you read how some white man say Life be like a bowlful o' cherries, I've gotsta come up with some big hit sayin' Well, fine. I'll just write down how happy I'm gonna be to get 20 more dollars on my birthday. Never mind what he's got planned for me THIS year. And I'm gonna write, how maybe the new man my momma been seein' might stop drinkin', and treat me nice, and maybe he's gonna adopt me, and take us off the welfare. And at the end, I'm gonna be sure put.
Elvadine: "Life Sure is a bowl full of Cherries."
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Elvadine: But to tell you the truth, Miss Strapford, I think you, and that book, and this whole class, be a bowl full of shit!More Movie: The War [1994] Movie: The War [1994] quotes [11/26/2005 12:11:00]

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