Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998]

Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998]

Maurice: [has just finished eating a pastry; part of a scheme to get free pastries] I hate them.
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Oh, I'm sorry; to each his own. There's another bakery shop down the block whose wares might be more to your liking. Thank you for coming in.
[to Arthur]
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: May I help you, sir?
Arthur: Yes, would you excuse me a moment? I'm sorry,
[to Maurice]
Arthur: I couldn't help but overhear, excuse me, sir, um, but may I say that your rudeness to this hard-working gentleman is uncalled for.
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Please, sir
Maurice: I beg your pardon.
Arthur: No, I beg yours, sir. I happen to know that this gentleman
[refers to the baker]
Arthur: is one of the finest pastry chefs on the Eastern seaboard.
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Well, thank you.
Arthur: You're welcome.
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Do I know you?
Arthur: Of course you do.
Maurice: What's your point?
Arthur: My point is, sir, that you would not know a good creampuff if it jumped up and licked you on the ass.
Maurice: Well...
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Sir, it's just a difference in taste.
Arthur: No, no. this man is clearly an imbecile.
Maurice: Ah, an insult!
[quietly to Arthur]
Maurice: I'm in-I'm insulted?
Arthur: Yes.
Maurice: I'm insulted! Well, I am!
Arthur: Oh, well good-good-good-good! Well, I'm glad you are! But I'm sure you're not as insulted as this gentleman!
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Oh, I'm not insulted.
Arthur: Oh, yes you are! The man works all day like a mule to support his miserable family.
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: Well, here now, my family isn't miserable. We're all quite happy!
Arthur: No, you're not! You're miserable and pathetic, look at you!
[ignoring his protest]
Arthur: All day, working like a lackey from rise to set sweating in the eye of Phoebus!
Baker in Kramer's Pastries: I love my work!
Arthur: No, you don't!More Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998] quotes [04/11/2008 12:04:00]
Emily: Do you know the gentleman who stole your wife?
Happy Franks: [mumbles, as he takes a drink] Danny Sussman.
Emily: Excuse me?
Happy Franks: He was my agent.
Emily: Some agent!
Happy Franks: He was a great agent. I loved him like a brother, I loved my wife like a mother and a hooker, and look where it's got me, alone, afraid, and I just wanna die!
Emily: Don't give up, Hap, don't wanna die.More Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998] quotes [04/11/2008 12:04:00]
Maurice: So I insult him?
Arthur: Yeah, yeah, tell him you think his pastries are no good, okay?
Maurice: Oh, good idea, good idea.
Arthur: Yeah. Say that they're stale.
Maurice: Hey, buddy, your pastries are stale!
Arthur: Right, but don't say buddy, just say ssss... sss... you're sss...
Maurice: Your pastries are stale!
Arthur: Yeah, you, your pastries are stale!More Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998] quotes [04/11/2008 12:04:00]
Maurice: [taking off his drag costume] I'm a man!
Sparks: So am I!More Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998] quotes [04/11/2008 12:04:00]
Meistrich: May I have this next dance?
Lily 'Lil': Actually, I...
Meistrich: EXCELLENT!More Movie: The Impostors [1998] Movie: The Impostors [1998] quotes [04/11/2008 12:04:00]

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