Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977]

Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977]

Paula McFadden: Would you be interested in my bedroom?
Elliot: You talking to me?
Paula McFadden: You can have the big bedroom for 50 dollars more a month, payable in cash right now. We'll move into yours in the morning.
Elliot: Oh, you mean a rent increase for getting what I should have gotten and what I didn't get in the first place? No, thank you.
Paula McFadden: Well then, would you be interested in lending me 50 dollars. I'll pay you either 7 and a half percent interest or do your laundry. Take your pick.
Elliot: They really cleaned you out, huh?
Paula McFadden: Everyone from here to Italy.
Elliot: I've got, uh, twenty... twenty-eight dollars and change. I'll split it with you. And starting opening night I get 240 a week so I'll make a deal. I'll pay all the living expenses until you get yourself a job. And, I'll even do my own laundry.
Paula McFadden: I see. And what do you get?
Elliot: Oh, all you have to do is be nice to me.
Paula McFadden: You go to hell!
Elliot: Will you listen very, very carefully to me just for one... uh, this may be the last time I ever speak to you. Not everyone in this world is after your magnificent body, lady. In the first place it's not so magnificent. It, it's fair, alright? But it's not keeping me up nights thinking about it, you know? I don't even think you're very pretty. Maybe if you smiled once in a while okay but I don't want you to do anything against your religion. And you are not the only person in this city ever to get dumped on! I, myself, am a recent dumpee. I am a dedicated actor, Paula, you know? I am dedicated to my art and my craft, I value what I do. And because of a mentally arthritic director I am about to play the second greatest role in the history of the English speaking theater like a double order of fresh California fruit salad. When I say nice I mean nice, you know? Decent and fair. I deserve it. Because I'm a nice decent and fair person, I don't want to jump on your bones. I don't even want to see you in the morning. But I will tell you one thing I do like about you Paula. Lucy. Lucy's your best part. Lucy is worth putting up with you for. So here is 14 dollars for the care and feeding of that terrific kid. You get zippidy-do-da. You want any money? Borrow it from your 10 year old daughter. I'm am now going inside my room to meditate away my hostility toward you. Personally, I don't think it can be done!More Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] quotes [01/01/2008 12:01:00]
Lucy McFadden: [watching Elliot's performance as a gay Richard III] Looks like the guy at the beauty parlor.More Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] quotes [01/01/2008 12:01:00]
Elliot Garfield: Alright, here is the situation.
Paula McFadden: I know the situation.
Elliot Garfield: Just let me say this out loud alright? I mean, I don't really believe this myself. Number one, I'm starting work in the morning and I have no place to sleep tonight. Number two, you don't have any money and you've got my apartment. Also you have your daughter to think about.
Paula McFadden: I am thinking of her right now!
Elliot Garfield: Do me the courtesy of hearing me out. Please? You are not the only one who can scream rape, you know?
Paula McFadden: Ha.
Elliot Garfield: We are both in a bind. The two of us. And I think the only practical solution is that we share the apartment.
Paula McFadden: I accept.
Elliot Garfield: What?
Paula McFadden: I accept. I may be subborn but I am not stupid.
Elliot Garfield: You mean it?
Paula McFadden: I have a daughter to goes to school and I have to start looking for work in the morning. You have a key. I would have to stand guard all day long to keep you out. I accept, you win, get your bags. You get the small bedroom.
Elliot Garfield: What the hell am I getting myself into, huh?More Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] quotes [01/01/2008 12:01:00]
Paula McFadden: I thought you said you were decent.
Elliot Garfield: I am decent. I also happen to be naked.More Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] quotes [01/01/2008 12:01:00]
Elliot Garfield: [out on the fire escape] Hey! I think I have a clue now as to why all those other guys left. Crackers! Animal Crackers lady! You've got a severe case of emotional retardation. I'm not leaving Paula, I'm escaping.
Paula McFadden: I will personally forward your mail.
Elliot Garfield: Keep it! I'm not giving you a forwarding address.
Paula McFadden: [to woman on the street] Lot of weirdos in this neighborhood.
Elliot Garfield: But just in passing I'd like to say that last night was teriffic, okay? It was the Super Bowl of romance. I give it a fat nine on a scale of ten. You lose one point for burping your wine but all in all it's still a very respectable score.
Paula McFadden: Don't you get glib about last night it was very important to me.
Elliot Garfield: You want to lower your neurosis for just one second I'm not finished. You want to know what your problem is?
Paula McFadden: What?
Elliot Garfield: You love to love someone but the minute they start taking the initiative like I did last night that scares the pants off you. Nothing off color intended. You didn't wait at any stage door me, you know? I approached first. I touched first and you can't handle that, can you.
Paula McFadden: [to woman on street] He is laughable. And silly! You are the silliest man I've ever met.
Elliot Garfield: And you know that I'm right.
Paula McFadden: If you don't let go of me I'm going to punch your other eye out!
Elliot Garfield: Paula, you know yourself too well to ignore what I'm saying.
Paula McFadden: Yes, that is exactly why I am trying to ignore it.
Elliot Garfield: You know what we got here? We got Taming of the Shrew, that's what we got here.
Elliot Garfield: [climbing the stairs in the apartment building] Despite the fact that you're one large pain in the arse, last night was the best thing that ever happened to me, girl-wise, and if you weren't behaving like such a horse's rectum you would know that we could be inside touching and fondling all day long until about 5 o'clock when I gotta go to rehearsal. Personally, Madam, I think you blew it.More Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] Movie: The Goodbye Girl [1977] quotes [01/01/2008 12:01:00]

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