Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004]

Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004]

Ryan Flynn: Grandpa, It's Melanie.
Grandpa Randolph: She can wait.
Ryan Flynn: You don't understand.
Grandpa Randolph: I understand perfectly.
Ryan Flynn: But Grandpa, I left her in that awful place.
Grandpa Randolph: No, her lack of faith keeps her there.
Ryan Flynn: No. She's just scared.
Grandpa Randolph: Melanie will learn on her own. Otherwise, she'll never make the leap, and we can't dawdle here forever.
Ryan Flynn: You're leaving.
Grandpa Randolph: What? I should. I should overstay my welcome?
Ryan Flynn: But I like the way things are. Here with you and Mel.
Grandpa Randolph: No. You have a home, a family, a life. That mustn't be tossed aside because you're afraid of dying.
Ryan Flynn: I won't go back!
Grandpa Randolph: Boy, the beauty of living is that you get to work all the world's myths. Let each of them tug at your insides. Take a shot at answering the questions of life and death.
Ryan Flynn: [crying] When I die, I don't want it to hurt. I don't see paradise, Grandpa. I want to but I don't.
Grandpa Randolph: Patience.More Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] quotes [08/09/2007 12:08:00]
Melanie Lewis: [she just caught him with his pants down, so of course, she's gotta make fun of him] You wear butt-huggers?
Ryan Flynn: Briefs. They're cotton briefs
Melanie Lewis: You should wear boxers. They're way cooler than butt-huggers.More Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] quotes [08/09/2007 12:08:00]
Melanie Lewis: I wish I had the courage to climb a mountain. All I have is this stupid lake! It's not winter, it's not winter, it's not winter! It's summer!More Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] quotes [08/09/2007 12:08:00]
Grandpa Randolph: Once upon a time there were three men who decided to climb the tallest mountain in their country.
Ryan Flynn: Which mountain?
Grandpa Randolph: The tallest - that's the point. These fellows knew if they succeeded, they would be showered with wealth and power by the king.
Ryan Flynn: For climbing a mountain?
Grandpa Randolph: This happened a long time ago, when climbing a mountain wasn't a weekend sport. They even referred to the mission as a "quest for paradise."
Ryan Flynn: This is an honest to goodness fable, huh?
Grandpa Randolph: You'll see. Now, the king had a beautiful daughter, and he promised her hand to the bravest of the men.
Ryan Flynn: So even if the guy was an ugly toad with fart's breath, she'd have to marry him.
Grandpa Randolph: Yes, yes. Halfway up the mountain, one of the men turned to the guide and said he couldn't justify the strain of another day's hiking just for the king's good blessings.
Ryan Flynn: Go on, Grandpa.
Grandpa Randolph: Go on, go on, go on. Next morning, the second man decided to climb was foolish. Even if the king were offering pails of gold, he figured it wouldn't be worth spending from his deathbed. So, off he went. The last man... The last man was chipper as a fox in a chicken coop! Already counting his good graces... Anticipating wealth, wench, happiness!
Ryan Flynn: The guy's stylin'.
Grandpa Randolph: Guys stylin', yes. Well, his excitement was short-lived as the guide outlined the final day's journey. Treacherous. This fellow just shook his head in disgust. I mean, for a spoiled child bride, it would take all the king's money to keep her happy, anyway. So, without even a proper fare-thee-well, he turned on his heel and left the young guide alone. And you know what the guy did then?
Ryan Flynn: Bailed?
Grandpa Randolph: He went for it.
Ryan Flynn: Cool.
Grandpa Randolph: Cool! Yes.
Ryan Flynn: So, then what?
Grandpa Randolph: After two more days, he reached the precipice and discovered a weathered bench looked out over the countryside... cupped his hands and shouted, "What paradise is this?" He was answered by a beautiful voice. "What paradise do you seek?"
Ryan Flynn: The Fair Footed Flekk?
Grandpa Randolph: Yes, she skipped through the clouds as is she were light as air itself. She explained how the men he'd started with were glory seekers expecting paradise, but disappointed. Disappointed at the price. The young man was touched and moved as he looked out over this tiny piece of the world seeing with a clarity he'd never known. And a word trembled from his lips... Paradise.
Ryan Flynn: And the Fair Footed Flekk?
Grandpa Randolph: Gone... into the clouds. Memory.
Ryan Flynn: Climbing the mountain was his reward?
Grandpa Randolph: Climbing was his paradise.More Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] quotes [08/09/2007 12:08:00]
Grandpa Randolph:
Live your life, Ryan Flynn

More Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] Movie: The Dust Factory [2004] quotes [06/16/2016 01:06:42]

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