Movie: The Attic [2001] Movie: The Attic [2001]

Movie: The Attic [2001] Movie: The Attic [2001]

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Veronica Caine:
It's funny how money changes the way you look at yourself. Started doing porn movies, started drivin' a car, it was... nice. Funny how when you got money in your pocket you feel a lot better about yourself. Think about it: when I weighed my options: no college degree, no money in the bank: what was I going to do with my life? My options could have been pretty dismal. Imagine if I didn't live in a country where I had the right to express myself. Then I guess I would be flipping burgers. And it's not degrading, like some of my friends and family said: just the opposite. Never felt like I had more power. I have the right to say who, when, how, and how much. It's great. Finally. A sense of freedom. Those are good days for me. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of dreams; men died for these dreams. Men died for these freedoms. Know what freedom is to me? Sucking cock.

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Title Card:
This video was made as a tribute to America, not as an attack against it. It is meant as a grand celebration of the First Amendment and the freedom of artistic expression. That we can do this proves once again that America is not only the greatest country in the world today but also the greatest country in the history of civilization. *God Bless America!* - Thomas Zupko

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