Ilja Shevelev

Ilja Shevelev

Human baseness is as boundless as the greatness of man is.More Ilja Shevelev quotes [07/26/2020 01:07:01]
A weak character is a candidate for scoundrels.More Ilja Shevelev quotes [07/26/2020 01:07:29]
The birth of man is the triumph of the spirit over the flesh, death is the triumph of the flesh over the spirit.More Ilja Shevelev quotes [07/26/2020 01:07:01]
There can be a generation gap between word and deed.More Ilja Shevelev quotes [07/26/2020 01:07:21]
Joy bursts open the chest, grief contracts the heart - this is the breath of life.More Ilja Shevelev quotes [07/26/2020 01:07:38]

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