The difference between a tax and a tribute is that the former is forcibly taken away, and the second you have to bring by yourself.More sportsila2002 quotes [04/20/2017 08:04:14]
Life lessons take place right away in practice.More sportsila2002 quotes [06/03/2018 08:06:59]
Only sitting on shit, the fly feels safe.More sportsila2002 quotes [04/16/2017 09:04:21]
Who said that forecasters are wrong? They are ahead.More sportsila2002 quotes [08/18/2016 10:08:18]
A real star is a star that not only shines, but also heats.More sportsila2002 quotes [05/30/2017 06:05:42]

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Anatoly Yurkin The graphomaniac is the object of the pretensions of nonsense. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/10/2019 09:11:21] More

Anatoly Yurkin Thoughts are the decentralization of Self. (Anatoly Yurkin) [10/16/2019 05:10:10] More

Anatoly Yurkin The owner always belongs to the class of subjects of alienation. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/09/2019 11:11:29] More

Anatoly Yurkin A banker's purse is weightier than a king's crown! (Anatoly Yurkin) [10/24/2019 02:10:35] More

Anatoly Yurkin The caricature of the cruel capitalist shark should be forgotten in our common analog past, because in the digital world, from a decentralized scalable service platform, a simple-looking fisherman will catch a goldfish swimming in the shadow of big data. (Anatoly Yurkin) [11/10/2019 12:11:39] More