Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac

Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac

This is the true source of moral evil. It is thus that every thing conspires to render man vicious, to give a fatal impulse to his soul; from whence results the general confusion of society, which becomes unhappy from the misery of almost every one of its members. The strongest motive-powers are put in action to inspire man with a passion for futile or indifferent objects, which make him become dangerous to, his fellow man by the means which he is compelled to employ in order to obtain them. Those who have the charge of guiding his steps, either impostors themselves, or the dupes to their own prejudices, forbid him to hearken to reason; they make truth appear dangerous to him, and exhibit errour as requisite to his welfare, not only in this world but in the next. In short, habit strongly attaches him to his irrational opinions - to his perilous inclinations - to his blind passion for objects either useless or dangerous. Here then is the reason why for the most part man finds himself necessarily determined to evil; the reason why the passions, inherent in his nature and necessary to his conservation, become the instruments of his destruction, the bane of that society which they ought to preserve. Here, then, the reason why society becomes a state of warfare, and why it does nothing but assemble enemies, who are envious of each other and always rivals for the prize. If some virtuous beings are to be found in these societies, they must be sought for in the very small number of those, who, born with a phlegmatic temperament, have moderate passions, who therefore either do not desire at all, or desire very feebly, those objects with which their associates are continually inebriated.More Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac quotes [09/30/2011 05:09:29]
If God perpetuates the existence of the damned, as Christianity teaches, he perpetuates the existence of sin, which is not very consistent with his supposed love of order.More Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac quotes [09/30/2011 05:09:52]
The sentiment of fear will necessarily prevail over love; they will only adore the good God that they may prevent him from exercising his caprice, his phantasms, his malice; it is always inquietude and terrour that throws man at his feet; it is his rigour and his severity which they seek to disarm. In short, although they everywhere assure us that the Divinity is full of compassion, of clemency, and of goodness, it is always a malicious genius, a capricious master, a formidable demon, to whom everywhere they render servile homage, and a worship dictated by fear.More Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac quotes [09/30/2011 05:09:01]
In Nature nothing; is mean or contemptible, and it is only pride, originating in a false idea of our superiority, which causes our contempt for some of her productions. In the eyes of Nature, however, the oyster that vegetates at the bottom of the sea is as dear and perfect as the proud biped who devours it.More Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac quotes [09/30/2011 05:09:42]
In the room of suspending a sun in the vaulted firmament; in lieu of diffusing without order the stars and constellations, which fill up the regions of space, would it not have been more conformable to the views of a God so jealous of his glory, and so well-intentioned towards man, to have written, in a manner not liable to dispute, his name, his attributes, his everlasting will, in indelible characters, and equally legible to all the inhabitants of the earth? No one, then, could have doubted the existence of a God, of his manifest will, of his visible intentions; no mortal would have dared to place himself in a situation to attract his wrath; in short, no man would have had the audacity to have imposed on men in his name, or to have interpreted his will, according to his own whim and caprice.More Paul-Henri Thiry d’Holbac quotes [09/30/2011 05:09:27]

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