Nikolay Safronov

Nikolay Safronov

From the fact that you are all set as an example - your money will not increase.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [04/29/2018 12:04:54]
When an organ transplant, kind hearts take root better.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/06/2016 12:07:35]
With a halo - an icon, without the halo - a portrait.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [09/13/2016 09:09:44]
The average age for women - is when a man still remains at night with you, but the money will not leave.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/19/2016 08:07:35]
The top American democracy - this is when cops can kill you just because you have a hand in his pocket.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/27/2016 10:07:57]

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