Nikolay Safronov

Nikolay Safronov

Treason is a breath of free wind but loyalty - is still little bondage.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/30/2016 04:07:26]
Everything that happened to a person in life, he remembers and stores in his memory, and what he does not remember, he stores in bags under his eyes.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/12/2020 03:07:59]
For women, a variety of sex - is a change of poses, for a man - is a change of partners.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [07/02/2016 12:07:46]
It is difficult to grasp the precise point when a man - a pervert when he just - an inquiring mind.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [05/27/2016 08:05:01]
Marriage destroys not so much treason, but constant testing for loyalty.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [03/31/2017 12:03:22]

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