Nikolay Safronov

Nikolay Safronov

The best pillow is a bag stuffed with money.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [08/23/2016 08:08:39]
All stylists and fashion designers of the world will not make a woman so sexy as unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [08/31/2016 09:08:00]
Strong family - is when the debate is only about one - who will be on top in the bed.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [09/27/2016 08:09:37]
It is difficult to grasp the precise point when a man - a pervert when he just - an inquiring mind.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [05/27/2016 08:05:01]
Cheap dreams come true more often.More Nikolay Safronov quotes [05/24/2016 09:05:31]

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