Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

American actor
These cases of distemper have put my rescue at a standstill. We have a $10,000 bill. We havenít been able to pull a dog in over two months because we need to pay our bills.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:03]
Those executives were on the boards of our theatres. Those employees are our audiences ... A scam-and-crash, the logic behind it, this is the story of our neighbors. Houston is one of the towns least affected by the crash of 2008, and there is a lot of pride about that too. One of the actors after the first read-through [of Road Show] said, 'This is so Houston,' and I totally agree. This town itself is the quintessence of the American Dream.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:42]
I contacted the vets office, I got all the positiive lab results, and have since then emailed the shelter all those results.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:47]
That's really kind of been the story as far as our offense has been concerned ... We had the right people up in the right spots. We had our chances. We just weren't able to do it.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:53]
I am very excited about this opportunity to fight Willie Nelson on HBO and to have the chance to showcase my skills in the USA.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:06]

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