Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon

American actor
We're still learning, but I'm excited about what I see from those guys ... They're getting a grasp on the offense and we're starting to get a lot of reps with each other.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:22]
Tommy is not only one of the best 168-pound fighters in the division, but, in my eyes, one of the top prospects pound-for-pound in the entire world ... He is taking on another undefeated, highly regarded fighter in Gonzales, and the winner of the bout truly emerges as not only a force in the 168-pound division, but as a potential star.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:36]
These cases of distemper have put my rescue at a standstill. We have a $10,000 bill. We havenít been able to pull a dog in over two months because we need to pay our bills.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:03]
I learned about those two guys they look a lot better on the field than in our off-season drills.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:10]
I am extremely excited about this opportunity. There is no bigger stage than fighting on HBO. This is what I have dreamt about since I was a young child. I respect Gonzales as a fighter. He had a great amateur pedigree and he has yet to lose as a professional, but he never faced a fighter like me, and come June 29th, he is going to find that out very quickly.More Michael Brandon quotes [05/22/2013 07:05:27]

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