Johnny Tapia

Johnny Tapia

American five-time world boxing champion from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
I donít think thereís ever been as loved a fighter and person in the (New Mexico) boxing industry as Johnny Tapia.More Johnny Tapia quotes [06/05/2012 05:06:12]
Albuquerque Police tell KOB that boxing legend Johnny Tapia was found dead inside his Albuquerque home.More Johnny Tapia quotes [06/05/2012 05:06:51]
The crazy life of Johnny Tapia - a five-time world champion boxer who once wrote that he had been 'raised to fight to the death' - ended this week at age 45.More Johnny Tapia quotes [06/05/2012 05:06:07]
Anything I do, Iím a professional at itóalcoholic, doper, addict, whatever you want to call it ... But for some reason, Iím still here. Iíve basically done everything I could do.More Johnny Tapia quotes [06/05/2012 05:06:38]
Fans leave memorial at Johnny Tapiaís gym.More Johnny Tapia quotes [06/05/2012 05:06:39]

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