Dan Rice

Dan Rice

was an American entertainer of many talents, most famously as a clown, who was pre-eminent before the American Civil War
Our main business is selling milk, but we have to get rid of the waste anyway so it's a good value-added product for us.More Dan Rice quotes [10/23/2011 11:10:50]
Well, I guess I am about the livest dead man you ever saw; although I was once asked to accept a coffin.More Dan Rice quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
The worst-case scenario is they get into a field they really aren't happy with. We want to make sure their majors are going to lead to a career they'd like to have. That's what education is all about.More Dan Rice quotes [10/23/2011 11:10:09]
We look at it as an extension of her ministry. People can take her music home with them.More Dan Rice quotes [10/23/2011 11:10:52]
It's a hospital full of kids, full of children, and the folks just came out on the balconies all the way up. It almost brought tears to your eyes.More Dan Rice quotes [10/23/2011 11:10:42]

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