The record company would say 'You have to make music for black radio, you can't do what you have been doing with The Crusaders.'More Crusaders quotes [09/06/2012 03:09:15]
Everybody was telling me that was over, finished, done.More Crusaders quotes [09/06/2012 03:09:21]
Now at 53 years old, I am looking forward to the rest of my life.More Crusaders quotes [09/06/2012 03:09:34]
I feel that Wilton Felder and Wayne Henderson have involved themselves so deeply into being Jehovah's Witnesses that Stix Hooper and I have decided we simply cannot tiptoe around them.More Crusaders quotes [09/06/2012 03:09:28]
That was an idea of the record company, and also that was my first album after MCA and we wanted to come back with a strong album that would be noticed.More Crusaders quotes [09/06/2012 03:09:53]

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