Aleksandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vucic

is a Serbian politician who has been the President of Serbia since 31 May 2017. He is also the president of the Serbian Progressive Party.
It is easy to use the current political situation against Serbia, so I asked NATO to look carefully at the situation in Kosovo and say when and where Serbian forces crossed the administrative line or border, as they sayMore Aleksandar Vucic quotes [01/04/2023 11:01:23]
We need a rational approach, conversations, a compromise solution, and not someone's desire to find a solution in which someone could blackmail Serbia or order Serbia how to behaveMore Aleksandar Vucic quotes [01/04/2023 11:01:59]
We need peace and responsibility. The people should not worry, because we have not signed anything, our consent is nowhere to be found. In any case, we have a difficult period ahead of us, and we will need more work, energy and, above all, unity.More Aleksandar Vucic quotes [01/25/2023 11:01:19]

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