Pavel Priluchniy

Pavel Priluchniy

russian actor
Demand does not depend on PR. I am sure that work will not increase due to PR.More Pavel Priluchniy quotes [07/20/2020 01:07:16]
I have positive characters too, but playing anti-heroes is more interesting and more fun.More Pavel Priluchniy quotes [07/20/2020 01:07:51]
If people yield to each other, if they know how and want to compromise, everything will work out.More Pavel Priluchniy quotes [07/20/2020 01:07:56]
The actor should not sit just like that - without work, he will be gone, rotten.More Pavel Priluchniy quotes [07/20/2020 01:07:34]
The first rule of a happy life is mutual respect.More Pavel Priluchniy quotes [07/20/2020 01:07:58]

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