Sir Thomas Browne

Sir Thomas Browne

was an English author of varied works which reveal his wide learning in diverse fields including medicine, religion, science and the esoteric.
God is like a skilful Geometrician.More Sir Thomas Browne quotes [07/21/2011 12:07:25]
Gold once out of the earth is no more due unto it; what was
unreasonably committed to the ground, is reasonably resumed from
it; let monuments and rich fabricks, not riches, adorn men's
ashes.More Sir Thomas Browne quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Now with my friend I desire not to share or participate, but to engross his sorrows, that, by making them mine own, I may more easily discuss them; for in mine own reason, and within myself, I can command that which I cannot entreat without myself, and within the circle of another.More Sir Thomas Browne quotes [07/21/2011 12:07:52]
Feast of Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist Continuing a series on God and the human condition: If we are directed only by our particular natures, and regulate our inclinations by no higher rule than that of our reasons, we are but moralists; divinity will still call us heathens. Therefore this great work of charity must have other motives, ends, and impulsions. I give no alms to satisfy the hunger of my brother, but to fulfil and accomplish the will and command of my God; I draw not my purse for his sake that demands it, but his that enjoined it; I relieve no man upon the rhetoric of his miseries, nor to content mine own commiserating disposition, for this is still but moral charity, and an act that oweth more to passion than reason.More Sir Thomas Browne quotes [07/21/2011 12:07:41]
Est rosa flos Veneris cujus quo furta laterent. [Roughly meaning, The discourses of the table among true loving friends are held in strict silence.]More Sir Thomas Browne quotes [07/21/2011 12:07:58]

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