Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

The biggest mistake is to let the enemy know that he has dipped you into the hell of doubt.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/02/2018 04:09:10]
I do not feel joy, happiness. Hard to smile, physically. Where did others find the nonsense There I feel the river time allegorically.
Did I say about myself right now? No, otherwise I look in life On events and obstacles On gaining, curvature Through comparisons - alogisms.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [01/15/2019 11:01:09]
In the concept of "not to create yourself, but to find" there is an error in the form of a question: from what age?More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/06/2018 02:09:57]
Not that - the stupidity that appeared in a head, but that - that was delayed. No effort is needed for the appearance of stupidity in the head.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [08/29/2018 06:08:23]
Looking in the mirror, a person should understand that he sees in the mirror is not reality, but only a reflection, where the left is visible in the place of the right part. So fools, looking at the world, thought that the world was created for man to serve.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/06/2018 01:09:36]

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