Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

If a person stubbornly declares that he does not like a mill, this does not mean that he is Don Quixote in his soul. Rather, his memories of his mother and childhood contain too many "mills".More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [08/26/2018 08:08:42]
Screaming in a shout in a dispute says that he has something hurts.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/10/2018 02:09:25]
When the truth is not to the place and not to the time, it is not the truth that loses anything, but its herald. The error is not always wrong, but as if not to the place and not to the time ...More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/02/2018 02:09:49]
The biggest problem is to accumulate contradictions.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/02/2018 04:09:59]
There is only one type of unfreedom - when you are suited to any means of achieving the goal.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [08/30/2018 04:08:13]

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