Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

Who is attentive to others, he is confident in himself. The inability to listen to others is the other side of the exaggerated self defense.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [02/02/2019 03:02:37]
If a person sees his happiness in the misfortune of others - this is a clinic, and if a whole social class finds its happiness in the misfortune of others - this is the elite of society.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [05/03/2019 03:05:38]
No one so contagiously laughs at themselves, as smart.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/03/2018 08:09:30]
Not every sound in unison indicates the right note.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/14/2018 04:09:50]
The unreliability of a person is either treachery or inability, and the unreliability of words is the narrowness of vision.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [01/22/2019 12:01:21]

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