Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

No graduate specialist can go against science, except to become a fool, and only judges and lawyers can without consequences violate the principles of the rule of law.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [01/23/2019 03:01:57]
Opponents of the long life of a thing and its reliability are in business turnover of funds.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [05/03/2019 02:05:15]
Do you care about water if you need arguments?More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [09/13/2018 03:09:35]
They are enemies to me because they are weak, I will attack them. The enemy is the one who is inferior to me in some quality. But usually the hostility is imaginary, because, for example, if the weakness of the enemy was not confirmed (the enemy was stronger), then they will find another reason to hate, based on the assessment of a different quality.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [01/25/2019 04:01:20]
Prosperity is when many new relatives and friends appear, about whom you have never known before.More Eugeny Antonuk quotes [01/19/2019 02:01:55]

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