Mark Devolt

Mark Devolt

Today people judge you - but tomorrow, they will pray for your soul, because it always happens that your enemy is your most loyal friend.More Mark Devolt quotes [09/23/2020 06:09:57]
Always remember that while you dream of becoming someone else, someone else dreams of becoming you.

Mark DEWALTMore Mark Devolt quotes [02/11/2021 12:02:25]
"You will be loved by many but not betrayed only by those who do not need anything from you except reciprocity."More Mark Devolt quotes [05/14/2020 03:05:42]
"The fact that we are not equal is probably the main illusion of any society."

Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt quotes [05/24/2020 03:05:37]
"If your faith in God weighs more than a Golden cross around your neck, you will definitely have Paradise."

Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt quotes [05/15/2020 03:05:52]

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