Mark Devolt

Mark Devolt

"In simple terms, those who do not believe in God, for them the party ends at midnight."More Mark Devolt quotes [09/22/2020 08:09:14]
"Be careful, gentlemen against the background of recent exciting events, sofa Analytics has become too harmful for your health, so do not abuse it."More Mark Devolt quotes [05/17/2020 02:05:40]
Today people judge you - but tomorrow, they will pray for your soul, because it always happens that your enemy is your most loyal friend.More Mark Devolt quotes [09/23/2020 06:09:57]
"Modesty is the most unappreciated, high-quality tool-it is considered that it is lost among human passions, but when it is found, it can destroy any moral laws."

Mark DevoltMore Mark Devolt quotes [05/25/2020 03:05:49]
"There are people whose lives are full of pain - but even from this pain, they have learned to derive pleasure."More Mark Devolt quotes [08/16/2020 11:08:52]

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