Milorad Pavic

Milorad Pavic

was a Serbian poet, prose writer, translator, and literary historian. He was also a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature
Most people hate is making live.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:28]
Don't forget that your years are in pairs, as sisters, mother and daughter or sister and brother. And sometimes as stepfather and stepdaughter or lovers ... In order to meet the night all your nights as day, need to understand what a couple of years that are in your life.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:36]
In life always know where sowed, and don't know where your reap.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:33]
You tell me that I dream of an inky night and that only in your reality is there
moonlight. /Milorad Pavic, Dictionary of the Khazars/More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:54]
Human person breathes, it inhales and exhales.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:50]

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