Milorad Pavic

Milorad Pavic

was a Serbian poet, prose writer, translator, and literary historian. He was also a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature
People are divided into those who kill, and those who hates.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:11]
Anyone who comes to the end of the path, the path is no longer needed, so it's him and not given.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:58]
Women never joking. Do not laugh, if after each joke to light a child.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:49]
Whenever Europe is sick, she would prescribe medication to the Balkans.More Milorad Pavic quotes [07/03/2011 08:07:41]
Silence is always full of words.More Milorad Pavic quotes [08/30/2016 02:08:27]

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