Harold Maurice Macmillan

Harold Maurice Macmillan

British Prime Minister (1957-63)
At home, you always have to be a politician; when you're abroad, you almost feel yourself a statesman.More Harold Maurice Macmillan quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:35]
Once the bear's hug has got you, it is apt to be for keeps.More Harold Maurice Macmillan quotes [07/20/2011 07:07:32]
If people want a sense of purpose they should get it from their archbishop. They should certainly not get it from their politicians.More Harold Maurice Macmillan quotes [07/20/2011 07:07:17]
Power? It's like a Dead Sea fruit. When you achieve it, there is nothing there.More Harold Maurice Macmillan quotes [07/20/2011 07:07:38]
I was determined that no British government should be brought down by the action of two tarts.More Harold Maurice Macmillan quotes [07/20/2011 07:07:12]

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