Армен Калашян

Армен Калашян

Aphorism - it is like a soccer trick: try many, but manages only masters.More Армен Калашян quotes [07/18/2016 02:07:51]
Vodka brings ideas, which then bring the vodka.More Армен Калашян quotes [05/16/2016 12:05:58]
Patriotism perfumes xenophobic.More Армен Калашян quotes [07/15/2016 06:07:53]
In advanced families before sex is accepted to dress.More Армен Калашян quotes [12/08/2016 01:12:24]
Justice - is when the yellow mustaches of smoker give him eligible for a discount when he is buying cigarettes.More Армен Калашян quotes [07/25/2016 04:07:06]

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