Zhulen Stebo

Zhulen Stebo

Merkel's nightmare: the morning in the office secretary enters and says "Putin Morgen!"More Zhulen Stebo quotes [08/05/2016 09:08:35]
I'm looking for a job. Do not offer work.More Zhulen Stebo quotes [04/21/2017 10:04:22]
I do not like smart blondes, generous Jews and nimble Estonians, they complicate my simple and harmonious perception of the world picture.More Zhulen Stebo quotes [09/13/2016 09:09:28]
Jealousy - a suspicion that your wife was capable of the same thing as you are.More Zhulen Stebo quotes [09/17/2016 08:09:36]
Marina works at the school days by vocation, and in the evening at the bar - by Medvedev.More Zhulen Stebo quotes [08/05/2016 09:08:29]

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