Vlad Deekkert

Vlad Deekkert

Fear of death - prolongs our life!More Vlad Deekkert quotes [06/27/2016 03:06:18]
Man tolerate submission until it begins to infringe on his rights or freedoms.More Vlad Deekkert quotes [03/04/2018 05:03:41]
Time will judge the false judges.More Vlad Deekkert quotes [12/22/2016 07:12:50]
We feed dogs that bite our hands!More Vlad Deekkert quotes [04/03/2017 02:04:27]
Patriotism without a national idea - there is a violent devotion to power.More Vlad Deekkert quotes [03/04/2019 11:03:29]

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