Saku Antero Koivu

Saku Antero Koivu

Finnish professional ice hockey player and an alternate captain of the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League (NHL).
Whatever the reason is, I hope we can finish talking about the Olympics. It's gone, it's behind us. The schedule wasn't proper for players who went there and there is some fatigue in a lot guys' play right now.More Saku Antero Koivu quotes [08/05/2011 02:08:48]
The most important thing is to stay positive.More Saku Antero Koivu quotes [08/05/2011 02:08:26]
I always knew where I was going eventually, so it helped me to stay at home for three years. It helped me to develop my game. But it also helped me off the ice. Life here is way different, and I was able to get older.More Saku Antero Koivu quotes [08/05/2011 02:08:40]
It goes way, way back when we were under Sweden's rule. We always think they are better than us. We played against them so often for so many years. Every country has one opponent they want to beat and for us, it's Sweden.More Saku Antero Koivu quotes [08/05/2011 02:08:10]
You always need younger guys if you're going to be successful in the long term.More Saku Antero Koivu quotes [08/05/2011 02:08:53]

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