Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson

Her role on Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


“Acting is such a powerful profession, and a humbling one at the same time.”
Chase Masterson

American actress Chase Masterson, born Christianne Carafano, is famous for
playing the exotic Bajoran Leeta on the sci-fi series “Star Trek: Deep Space
Nine” (1995-1999) and Ivy Lief on “General Hospital” (1994). Other remarkable
appearances include guest starring roles on “Sliders (1996, as Kelly) and “ER”
(1995, as Mrs. Phillips). Masterson is also remembered as the anchor of an
Entertainment Tonight-style news program for the Sci Fi Channel, “Sci-Fi
Entertainment” (1998).

Her movie credits include Married People, Single Sex (1993), Sometimes They Come
Back... for More (1999), The Specials (2000), Creature Unknown (2004), Take Out
(2005), Chastity (2005) and Manticore (2005). She is scheduled to appear in the
upcoming films Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006, the voice of Janice) and
Yesterday Was a Lie (2007).

Off camera, Masterson was listed as one of Femme Fatales’ “50 Sexiest Women of
the Year” in 2003 and was once named TV Guide Online’s the “No. 1 Favorite
Science Fiction Actress on Television.” She is good friends with fellow Deep
Space Nine co-stars Aron Eisenberg, Max Grodénchik and the late Cecily Adams,
and actor Lolita Fatjo.

Masterson once filed a suit a website after an unidentified person using a
computer in Berlin, Germany posted a profile of her containing her private
contact information without her knowledge or permission. But, the trial court
discharged her case on the basis that she is a celebrity. The Ninth Circuit
Court of Appeals supported the trial court’s dismissal on August 13, 2003.

Qualified Dancer

Childhood and Family:

Born Christianne Carafano, on February 26, 1963, in Colorado Springs, Colorado,
Chase Masterson has been interested in theater from an early age. She spent many
years as a professional dancer specializing in Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Tap, and
is a former member of the improvisational group The Groundlings. Chase graduated
from the University of Texas, from which she received a BFA in Acting. She is
the mother of a son named Jeremiah.

General Hospital


Starting acting in theater when she was only a little girl, Chase Masterson made
the leap to the big screen at the age of 12 when she was cast in the small role
of a blonde prostitute in the horror/thriller Confessions of a Serial Killer,
starring Robert A. Burns and Dennis Hill. Her second film role arrived eight
years later, this time starring as Beth in director Mike Seden’s Married People,
Single Sex (1993). The same year, she costarred with Maxwell Caulfield in the
drama film In a Moment of Passion and had a feature role as Giggling Court Lady
in Mel Brooks’ comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which starred Cary Elwes in the
title role.

Masterson’s first break arrived in 1994, when she joined the cast of the
long-running television series “General Hospital,” where she memorably played
the role of Ivy Lief. The following year, she played a supporting role in the
sci-fi film Digital Man, had a three episodic role as Sheila Rydell in the
series “Live Shot,” as well as appeared as Mrs. Phillips in an episode of the
popular medical show “ER.”

It was also in 1995 that Masterson received her biggest break when she landed
the role of sexy, energetic Bajoran Dabo girl Leeta in the sci-fi series “Star
Trek: Deep Space Nine,” costarring opposite Avery Brooks, Alexander Siddig, Nana
Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman and Terry Farrell, among
others. The actress stayed with the show until 1999.

While costarring on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” Masterson made a remarkable
guest appearance as Kelly, the sister of Wade Welles (played by Sabrina Lloyd)
in another sci-fi serial “Sliders” in the episode of “Season’s Greedings”
(1996). She also appeared in three films, Marina (1997), Ballerina Finale (1997)
and Sammyville (1999), and in a guest role in an episode of “Acapulco H.E.A.T.”

After departing the show, Masterson could be seen as Major Callie O’Grady in the
horror film Sometimes They Come Back... for More (1999), along side Clayton
Rohner, Faith Ford and Max Perlich, Moira Murphy in the comedy The Specials
(2000), starring Paget Brewster and Thomas Haden Church, and acted opposite John
Schneider in the made-for-television film Lightning: Fire from the Sky (2001).
She then starred with Bruce Campbell in the sci-fi film Terminal Invasion (2002,
TV), teamed up with Kristin Herold, Chris Hoffman and Maggie Grace in the horror
Creature Unknown (2004), appeared with Judd Omen in writer/director Seth
Landau’s comedy Take Out (2005) and appeared as Madam in the drama Chastity
(2005). Masterson next tested the waters of sci-fi again in the television film
Manticore (2005), opposite Robert Beltran and Jeff Fahey.

Masterson will provide the voice of Janice in the animated film Robotech: The
Shadow Chronicles, a sequel to the original Robotech series of the 1980s. She is
also set to star opposite Kipleigh Brown and John Newton in the forthcoming
Yesterday Was a Lie, a mystery/ sci-fi film by James Kerwin for 2007 release.

In addition to acting, Masterson is also known as the host of the “Sci-Fi
Entertainment” news magazine show on the Sci-Fi Channel in the 1990s, and is a
singer of jazz/torch songs, who has released an album, The Thrill of the Chase.
Her sophomore effort is reportedly in preparation.

“Star Trek's legacy of being of involved with their fans on a very direct level, is a great business model for just about any company that would benefit from that kind of contact. People really do appreciate it when you show that you respect them and that they're important to you.”More Chase Masterson quotes [01/26/2007 12:01:00]
“It's not so much for me about how many autographs I sell as about getting the word out about the CD,”More Chase Masterson quotes [01/26/2007 12:01:00]
“The Ferengi Family Hour.”More Chase Masterson quotes [01/26/2007 12:01:00]
“It's not action-sci-fi as it's an internally relationship-driven show. The great thing about life post-Star Trek is we do have this incredible fan base where not only is the work more consistent but they loyally tune into everything we do. It has made a huge difference and it's frankly a lot of fun.”More Chase Masterson quotes [01/26/2007 12:01:00]
“Trek has always been noted for having hot women on the show, so the guys tune in for the action and the eye candy as well.”More Chase Masterson quotes [01/26/2007 12:01:00]

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