Susannah McCorkle

Susannah McCorkle

It may be that my most helpful contributions to music aren't my compact discs but my articles about other great singers of the past for American Heritage magazine.More Susannah McCorkle quotes [07/24/2011 02:07:31]
I worry about kids and all they are exposed to. Kids get so bombarded with hard, commercial sounds. They don't even have a chance to develop the softer part of themselves without fear of being ridiculed.More Susannah McCorkle quotes [07/24/2011 02:07:06]
If you sing honestly and sincerely to kids, they will respond with all their hearts.More Susannah McCorkle quotes [07/24/2011 02:07:25]
When I dance, I love the romance and sexiness of it, and love having it be clear to both dancers that the man leads! But the man has to know what he's doing!More Susannah McCorkle quotes [07/24/2011 03:07:01]
Thank God for beautiful songs about feeling despair when you yourself are in despair. They really get us through.More Susannah McCorkle quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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