John Fahey

John Fahey

How can I be a folk? I'm from the suburbs you know.More John Fahey quotes [08/22/2011 06:08:51]
There is something about guitars—maybe something magical—when played right, which evokes past, mysterious, barely-conscious sentiments, both individual and universal.More John Fahey quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Well when I made my first record I thought it would be a good joke to have me on one side, have the lable say John Fahey on one side, and this guy Blind Joe Death on the other side.More John Fahey quotes [08/22/2011 06:08:18]
When I play, I very quickly put myself into a light hypnotic trance and compose while playing, drawing directly from the emotions.More John Fahey quotes [08/22/2011 06:08:24]
See my father knew a lot about music, he played the piano and he would do theory and stuff like that, but I didn't learn anything from him, but I played that for him and he liked it a lot.More John Fahey quotes [08/22/2011 06:08:44]

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