Kaja Kallas

Kaja Kallas

Estonian lawyer, politician and statesman
We are strong because our friends are strong.More Kaja Kallas quotes [01/06/2023 08:01:08]
We <> didnt even have anything in stores When there were no sweets, we ate sour cream with sugar. It was the nicest thing we could get, so I remember those days.More Kaja Kallas quotes [01/06/2023 08:01:23]
The Russian language will not disappear anywhere in the world. If Estonian is spoken by a million people, then Russian is spoken by 278 million people. It is not a minority language, and one should not worry about the disappearance of this culture. But we must worry about the disappearance of Estonian culture and the Estonian language. For this reason, we have more stringent requirementsMore Kaja Kallas quotes [01/06/2023 08:01:34]
There will be support from the state, but you still have to save.More Kaja Kallas quotes [01/06/2023 08:01:42]
These monuments actually bear this pain and it would be better if we put things in order in this matter.More Kaja Kallas quotes [01/06/2023 08:01:09]

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