Vit Neo

Vit Neo

Women are a clear example of the fact that problems can be attractive.More Vit Neo quotes [11/06/2022 12:11:41]
The acorn has an unenviable career - either the pig will devour it, or you will become an oak ...More Vit Neo quotes [12/16/2022 01:12:11]
Labor made a man from a monkey. Vacation returns some to their original state.More Vit Neo quotes [09/07/2022 05:09:05]
Nothing goes well for a beautiful girl, or rather it goes when nothing on her...More Vit Neo quotes [01/05/2023 11:01:15]
The attractiveness of a woman is directly proportional to the amount of problems she will create.More Vit Neo quotes [11/06/2022 02:11:43]

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Kanye West If we go on your iPhone and go to the dictionary and look up 'humble,' 80 per cent of the definition is negative. It's a controlling word. It's a way to control the masses and to control the sheep. [01/05/2023 12:01:06] More

Tucker Carlson I'm not uncomfortable around guns - I've hunted for most of my life - but bringing them on stories is considered taboo. [01/06/2023 03:01:04] More