Vaselin Lari Misnic

Vaselin Lari Misnic

Police fired over the heads of the protesters. Only those who leaned out were shot!More Vaselin Lari Misnic quotes [01/23/2021 09:01:12]
Our Prime Minister has advisers who obey him in everything!More Vaselin Lari Misnic quotes [01/23/2021 09:01:33]
We sin whenever possible - we are not ambitious people.More Vaselin Lari Misnic quotes [01/23/2021 09:01:52]
Only the facts were not taken into account. Everything else was clear to us.More Vaselin Lari Misnic quotes [01/23/2021 09:01:40]
I was invited to the shooting - they needed a target.More Vaselin Lari Misnic quotes [01/23/2021 09:01:28]

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