Vladan Sokic

Vladan Sokic

It is a pity that the tyranny has taken such a deep root.
This is the ideal ground for democracy.More Vladan Sokic quotes [01/03/2021 08:01:39]
He guided us in fateful moments.
We are now listed as missing.More Vladan Sokic quotes [01/03/2021 08:01:02]
We asked for a reconstruction of the crime,
we got a reconstruction of the government.More Vladan Sokic quotes [01/03/2021 08:01:08]
Serbia is ruled by a two-headed dragon, which guarantees a struggle of opinions.More Vladan Sokic quotes [01/03/2021 08:01:35]
Мы сбежали из ада.
Но рай также для мертвых.More Vladan Sokic quotes [01/03/2021 08:01:37]

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