Susan Ward

Susan Ward


“I love to just grab a bottle of wine, have wild sex and relax with a couple of
cigarettes.” Susan Ward

Former Ford model and actress Susan Ward is known for her portrayal of naive
farm girl Meg Cummings in the Aaron Spelling’s daytime soap “Sunset Beach”
(1997-1999), in which she received a nomination at the Soap Opera Digest Awards
and was named Soap Opera Digest’s Performer of the Week in 1999.

On the wide screen, Susan, whose acting role model is Jessica Lange, initially
attracted attention with her sizzling performance as Brittany Foster in the
erotic thriller The In Crowd (2000). She next acquired worldwide notice after
playing the supporting role of Hal’s neighbor Jill in the hit movie Shallow Hal
(2001, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black). Susan also graced the covers of
several international men’s magazines, including FHM, Maxim, Controversy and
Ramp. She can add to her resume such recent movies as Cruel World (2005), Play
Dates (2005, TV), Two for the Money (2005), Dead & Deader (2006, TV) and Toxic

“I definitely want to get married and have kids. David and I have talked about
it, but we have our dog for now. I think that'll keep us busy for a couple for
years.” Susan Ward

As for Susan’s romantic life, the friend of Charisma Carpenter, Sarah Buxton,
Clive Robertson and Lori Heuring married her fiancé David C. Robinson, the Vice
President of Morgan Creek Studio, on June 4, 2005. Previously, she was
romantically involved with her longtime boyfriend Joe Hanson.

Susy Q

Childhood and Family:

Daughter of Eddie (retired policeman) and Emily Sue Ward (psychiatric nurse and
college professor), Michelle Susan Ward was born on April 15, 1976, in Monroe,
Louisiana, with the blended heritage of Spanish, English and Cherokee. She has
an older brother named Michael (geologist).

Raised on a farm by animal lover parents, Susan Ward, whose nickname is Susy Q,
was an aspiring veterinarian as a child. She followed the local veterinarian on
his rounds and took every wandering animal she found to the private menagerie
she and her parents kept at home. Growing up as a tomboy, Susan liked to race in
the BMX Bike circuit and was ranked third in the state at age ten. At age
thirteen, Susan began modeling after being discovered by a scout agent while
shopping in a mall.

Susan attended Monroe’s Ouachita Parish High School but later transferred to
River Oaks High School. During her time at River Oaks, she joined the school
dance team named Kit-Kats. After graduating in 1994, she briefly enrolled at the
Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, majoring in psychology.
Eighteen-year-old Susan left her studies and headed to Los Angeles to pursue

While filming her feature debut in The In Crowd, in 2000, Susan, whose favorite
actor is John Cusack, met and fell in love with David C. Robinson, the Vice
President of Morgan Creek Studio. After five years of romance, the couple
married on June 4, 2005.

During her off time, Susan enjoys rollerblading, golf, reading good books, going
shopping and NASCAR racing. She is also an animal lover and owns a cat and dog.

The In Crowd


“I originally started modeling at Ford to pay for my college education for
veterinary school.” Susan Ward

Thirteen-year-old Susan was spotted while window-shopping in a New Orleans’ mall
by a modeling agent who opened her way to modeling. She then moved to New York
and signed a three-year contract with Eileen Ford’s Agency. Susan often appeared
on book covers while working as a model.

“I loved watching my friends and it made me realize I wanted to act, too. I knew
that I could act and that I would succeed.” Susan Ward

Susan got her first taste in front of camera when Ford landed her a non-speaking
walk-on job in the TV series Swan Crossing (1992), as a girl at a soda shop.
When her modeling contract ended, she took acting classes and began going to
auditions. Shortly thereafter, she got an accredited part as conniving bad girl
Camille in the 1970’s series “All My Children” (1995). Impressed by her
performance, the producer invited her to play a recurring role for five years

“I was making money and I didn't want to have to save it. I didn’t want to go to
school for years, plus I got squeamish and couldn’t handle animals getting sick
or dying. So I decided not to go to college and blew all the money.” Susan Ward

After dropping out of college, Susan headed for California to focus on her
acting career. She landed the role of Bree in Aaron Spelling’s nighttime soap
opera “Malibu Shores,” (1996, starring Charisma Carpenter and Keri Russell).
Unfortunately, the show was quickly axed after one season due to its low rating.
She appeared as a guest star in an episode of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys,
before playing Sandy in the soft porn film sequel Poison Ivy 3: New Seduction
(1997). Instead of being released in theaters, the movie came out in video.

“I didn’t want to leave LA and I didn't want to leave Joe (her long time
boyfriend). I was thrilled to have a chance to work on another Aaron Spelling
show. I knew the show would be a great opportunity, and I have learned so much
already.” Susan Ward
Susan’s big break arrived when she rejoined Aaron Spelling in the daytime soap
opera "Sunset Beach" (1997-1999), portraying the character of naive farm girl
Meg Cummings. During her two-year stint, she gained fame as well as legions of
fans. Her turn as the virginal heroine also brought her a nomination at the Soap
Opera Digest Awards for Favorite Couple (shared with Clive Robertson). In 1999,
she was named Soap Opera Digest’s Performer of the Week.

Following the success of Sunset Beach, Susan made a big move to the big screen
by playing the lead role of Brittany Foster in The In Crowd (2000). The film was
a failure at the box office, but Susan’s sexy role helped place her in several
international magazines like FHM and Maxim. Her erotic acting performance in the
film also helped launch her as a sex symbol.

Susan next played Wendy, the leader of a posh fraternity, in the independent
comedy Going Greek (2001) and portrayed the supporting role of Jill, Hal’s
neighbor, in the Farrelly brothers' Shallow Hal (2001, starring Gwyneth Paltrow
and Jack Black). The film was a hit and Susan gathered more attention. As a
result, she appeared on the covers of such international men’s magazines as
Controversy, Ramp and posed nude for Maxim once more.

In 2002, Susan starred as Olivia in the modern adaptation of The Importance of
Being Earnest, titled Would I Lie to You (2002). The film was released on the
video due to difficulties finding distributors. She next guest starred as Hurley
in season nine of the popular series Friends (2002) and as Layla in Boomtown (in
the episode of Blackout, 2003). The following years, she starred as 17-year-old
wealthy Brittney Havers in the made-for-video sequel Wild Things 2 (2004),
played Ashley in the comedy film Cruel World (2005, opposite Edward Furlong and
Jaime Pressly) and essayed the lead role of Nicole in the comedy made-for-TV
film Play Dates (2005). After playing a recurring role in the series “Just
Legal” (2005, as Kate Manat), Susan had an uncredited cameo as Girl in sportscar
in the Al Pacino staring vehicle Two for the Money (2005).

She will star in the forthcoming Dead & Deader (2006), a Sci-Fi television movie
directed by Patrick Dinhut, and the drama/thriller Toxic (2007) for director
Alan Pao.

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