Susan George

Susan George

Susan George first appeared on stage aged 12 in The Sound of Music, in TV's Swallows and Amazons in 1963, and on screen in Cup Fever (d. David Bracknell) in 1965. Film producers quickly exploited her jail-bait sexiness in such films as The Strange Affair (d. David Greene, 1968 - very strange it was, too) and, most famously, in Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs (1971), as the victim of yokel lust.Her pouting sensuality shone through even such anodyne enterprises as Spring and Port Wine (d. Peter Hammond, 1969), as James Mason's recalcitrant daughter, and as the baby-sitter in Fright (d. Peter Collinson, 1971 - what were the parents thinking of?). What were British films to do with this commodity?Send it to America of course, where George slunk unforgettably through Mandingo (US, d. Richard Fleischer, 1975) and others. She kept working on either side of the Atlantic, often in TV, and in 1988 co-produced Stealing Heaven (UK/Yugoslavia, d. Clive Donner) with husband Simon MacCorkindale, whom she married in
What you need if you want jobs are small and medium sized enterprises, local initiatives, labour intensive work, community development, service providers and the like.More Susan George quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
What's immediately profitable is the only kind of logic that capitalism understands.More Susan George quotes [08/18/2011 03:08:51]
How do we get democracy at the international level? That's our problem. and it's essentially the same problem people faced in the 18th Century when they tried to get democracy nationally. Now we need it internationally.More Susan George quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Debt is such a powerful tool, it is such a useful tool, it's much better than colonialism ever was because you can keep control without having an army, without having a whole administration.More Susan George quotes [08/18/2011 03:08:05]
The Sierra Club in the United States has now really come out for population control and reduction.More Susan George quotes [08/18/2011 03:08:39]

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