Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer

I'll be one of the Who's of Whoville.More Verne Troyer quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
I get a lot of questions from the press about my size but I'm not offended by it.More Verne Troyer quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
We were doing the dance routine and I dislocated my knee. I've been doing stunts for a long time and it's kind of weird that I'd dislocate my knee just dancing.More Verne Troyer quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
I go for those stupid comedies.More Verne Troyer quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
There's times when you're having dinner with a good friend and you're in the middle of a conversation and somebody comes up and cuts you off. Can you sign this? Can I take a picture with you? I'm adjusting to all the attention.More Verne Troyer quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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