Lawrence Kasdan

Lawrence Kasdan

American screenwriter, director and producer
I tell you, I feel like a real novice as far as horror goes.More Lawrence Kasdan quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:35]
You're not too smart, are you? I like that in a man.More Lawrence Kasdan quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:46]
I really liked Carrie a lot. That was one of Brian De Palma's best movies.More Lawrence Kasdan quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:29]
Almost every other Western in the last ten years has failed, since Dances with Wolves.More Lawrence Kasdan quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:15]
What you hope for, like Unforgiven did a lot to give you a chance to do it again sometime.More Lawrence Kasdan quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:20]

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