You know...sometimes I'll be looking out at the audience and I'll be in the middle of a song, and I'll just stop dead.More Aerosmith quotes [03/05/2012 04:03:18]
The more I look back at my life and the things that we did, the more I think thereís got to have been a plan for this band, either by a higher power or an angel of mercy.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:33]
And thatís what we all want. Just give me a little truth.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:41]
But they have a great groove going thatís better than any fuck Iíve ever had.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:42]
And Joe as Keith Richards. And Iím supposed to be Jagger, running around.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:19]

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