I’m not saying it didn’t take a lot of work because drugs will take you and pull you apart.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:19]
I’d been playing in bands for something like seven years at this point.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:45]
I wasn’t expecting too much. Then they got up there and did ‘Rattlesnake Shake’ by Fleetwood Mac.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:08]
We just looked at the bands that we idolized - like the Yardbirds - and we were blown away by how they could play.More Aerosmith quotes [03/05/2012 04:03:09]
I say jeans. Well what can I say? People who think I look like Jagger never met him.More Aerosmith quotes [03/06/2012 11:03:02]

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