Rich Rodriguez

Rich Rodriguez

Former American football player, football coach, sports analyst
Why would you redshirt him, and hed be a 30-year-old senior? J.R.s worked hard. Hes gotten better every day. He earned the right to be in there.More Rich Rodriguez quotes [07/18/2007 12:07:00]
He still made a couple of mistakes, but not as many as a first-year player usually makes. He has the right temperament for that position. He runs hard and he has a burst.More Rich Rodriguez quotes [10/14/2011 01:10:36]
We'd have to check your pulse if you don't get excited for this one.More Rich Rodriguez quotes [10/14/2011 04:10:40]
There weren't a lot of folks that expected us to win 10 games this year. I think the guys in that locker room believed that they could do it, and they did.More Rich Rodriguez quotes [10/14/2011 04:10:29]
I think you get answers to your questions in every game, We found out a lot of answers in our first game. Im not sure we found out any the second game. But, in every game you learn more and more.More Rich Rodriguez quotes [07/18/2007 12:07:00]

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